Homework Tracking

Digital source designed for students to trace their homework, assessments and keep them on a track. Maintain a record of time and work done.

Score Management

Enable students to take tests on their favorite topics, check their existing knowledge, and build strong background on that particular topic.

Report & Analytics

Know about the upcoming competitive exams and announced results. Browse the previous exam question papers and answer set from experts.

Question Bank

A library with unlimited question sources and solutions from the best experts in that field. These are updated daily, with activities on real-time basis.

Educational tools and platform integrations With Us

Creating a Brighter Tomorrow for Today's Students

Education 2.0 partnering with Next Education is working to bring about a systemic change in Indian education system and its operations. With the help of new-age technological innovations, we venture to provide a 360-degree academic and administrative support to the K-12 sector and establish the practice of precise, efficient, and sustainable learning.

We aim to deliver the most effective curricula with the right blend of technology,pedagogy and content.We keep in mind the needs of various kinds of learners,and craft innovative tools and strategies to ensure that the school machinery functions effectively.


Partner with

Our Mission

To put into pratice the best teaching-learning methodologies that will help shape the lives of the torchbearers of tomorow.

Our Vision

To bring quality education within the reach of every learner,so that they are prepared for the challenges in life.

Our Goals

Providing optimal end-to-end solutions. Blending technology with pedagogy. Focussing of learning outcomes.

Our Team







Digital Classrooms


Support Engineers

Our Awards & Recognitions

  1. Best Emerging School ERP Award

    Digital Edge ITC Conclave on Education

  2. Best Multimedia Content For k-12 Education

    World Education Summit

  3. Best school Books solution Award

    World Education Summit

  4. innovation Excelence Award in Education

    World Education Summit

  5. innovation in Preschool pedagogy Award

    World Education Summit

  6. Most trusted erp software for school Management

    World Education Summit

  7. Most trusted erp software for school Management

    World Education Summit

  8. Most trusted erp software for school Management

    World Education Summit

  9. Most trusted erp software for school Management

    World Education Summit


We chose to use NextBooks published by Next Education for our KG and primary classes. Activity-based knowledge transfer emphasized in these books really made the learning very easy for our students. Our teachers experienced a radical shift in their teaching methodology due to these books.

Dr M Sivakumar (PhD) Principal, Freedom Concept School, Vellore


We have taken TeachNext for 60 classrooms and have found it to be a very useful teaching and learning solution. The content is well-mapped and the software is easy to use. On top of that, Next Education is always available for any help or service. We highly recommend TeachNext to other schools as well. TeachNext installed in 60 Classrooms, along with EnglishLab Using since 2013

Mrs. Anjali Kumar Brightlands Girls Senior Secondary School, Jaipur


We have a 3-year long association with TeachNext and are glad that we also adopted NextBooks lately. It meets the requirements of every kind of student as the books are well-equipped and the exemplary smart-board experience aids better learning. TeachNext has empowered teachers and has made learning fun and stimulating for my children. Not only the children, but the parents too are equally happy and satisfied with the new techniques used in class and feel bound to take a ride through this great curriculum set up by the TeachNext group. I am really happy with the positive feedback I get from parents, students and teachers - thanks to NextBooks!

Dr Parul Tyagi National Victor Public School, Delhi


NextBooks has lots of activities and learning. I personally found the books good and one step ahead of the others I come across.

Fr Panamthottam Principal, Christ CMI Central School, Kanyakumari




Usually, teachers consider all the students at same understanding capability and prepare the assignments. It leaves the top rung of students’ uninspired and the bottom rung of students struggling.

The unique self-study option provides complete details about the questionnaire and multiple alternatives to obtain answers.

Group Study

Teacher-student interaction is limited to the classroom and the learning materials remain in the class.

Students consult their friends and external tutors for clarifying their dounts.Often,the internet becomes their last resort.

Civil Exams Forum

Reduce the burden of visiting multiple universities and contacting friends to know about the status of exam.

A one-click will guide you with all the latest details about Govt., civil exams, know about the results, and other information which are announced officially.

Students consult their friends and external tutors for clarifying their dounts.



Robi Khan

Parents are often required to go through the latest school updates.



Due to their busy schedule,parents lack knowledge of the courses being taught in the class on a day-to-day basis.


Parents have to implement corrective measures based on their child's performance.



In the absence of digital tools,parents lack real-time information about students's daily activities.



Parents should stay informed about the homework assigned to their children.

A collaborative, personalised, academic management tool

NextLMS, from Education 2.0, is an academic management tool that bridges the effective exchange of resources amongst various departments in a school. This tool stimulates e-learning and expedites the creation, management, and delivery of assignment, courses, documents and videos. The data access and storage is achieved through a secured cloud enabled database.

*Create course and modules which are un sync with various educational boards.

*Access Next Education's standard lesson plans.

*Share lesson plans with other teachers of the same class.

*Upload content in the form of ebooks,MP3s,PDFs,images and videos.

*Ability to create digital content using Next's interactive tools.

*Easy access to award-winning content from various educational boards.

*Access to open-source content from YouTube and Khan Academy.

*Ability to selectively publish and curate content for students.

*Assign homework according to students's ability either individually or in groups.

*Assign videos,articles and assessments to students.

*Detailed tracking of homework witj instant feedback for students.

*Instant alerts to parents when homework is assigned.

*Access to a rich library of over 5,30000+ questions.

*Ability to create board-specific tests using templates.

*Questions tagged according to concepts and Bloom's Taxonomy leaves.

*Details reports on overall student performance.

*OCR-based correction of exam.

*Facilites the creation of personalised report cards for every student using default templates.

*Offers a comprehensive view of both individual and class performance in real-time.

*Create students groups and assign gropwise projects.

*Enable teachers and students to become members of an online community of learners and educators.

*Access Next Gurukal forum directly form LMS.

*Create a private discussion forum for students and teachers.

*Propose corrective measures by indetifying the learning gaps of students in different subnects.

*Assess the performance of students based on learning time,assessment scores and ERP data.

*Suggest recommendations to students for imporbing their performance.

Key Highlights


Complete transparency

of information among stakeholders to manage day-to-day academic operations.


Rich Library

540,000+questions,25,000+learning modules & 6,000+experiments and simulations.



Assessmenttests available between 30 to 40 templates for board exams through OCR .


Course management simplified for teachers

to formulate lesson plans and assign reading materials to students


Syllabus Board

Standard lesson plans,modules and videos cruated across CBSE,ICSC,IGCSE,Army Board& 29 States Boards


Online classes for students in different platform

Availability of content across all online platform such as iOS,Windows and Android


  • Mr CV Siva Raju
  • Principal,Sri Ram Global School,Whitefield Bangaluru

“The first day Principal Mercado started at Rockland High School, I knew students, teachers, parents, and staff would love her. She is one of the most hard-working, compassionate individuals I know. Mercado genuinely cares about the social, emotional, and academic well-being of her students and encourages them to define their own version of success each day. Continually raising the bar for leadership at Rockland High School, she never fails to keep up with the ever-evolving landscape of education. Organized, positive, an excellent communicator and friend, Principal Mercado is all we could ask for and more. From all of us at Rockland, our school would not be the same without you, thank you for everything you do!”

I work with Brad Latzke, an incredible middle school principal at the Shanghai American School in China. Mr. Latzke says that as he gets wiser, he gets softer. Recently, one of his teachers got the green light to adopt a child from Africa after waiting for years and suffering through many disappointments. The teacher had to take leave multiple times to go and sign the paperwork and then spend time in the United States before coming back to her teaching job in China. Mr. Latzke not only ensured that she got the time off, but also allowed another teacher in his division to travel with her. Mr. Latzke has been a leader in supporting the family and collaborating with staff to ensure that her duties are covered while she is gone. The entire school has gone through this experience together; the staff feels as though they are all adopting this child..

The Distinctive Features of NextLMS


Lesson Plan

* Provide a pre-createdlesson palnandresources mappingto all teachers.

* Makes it easy for them to check summaries,learning objectices,concepts and audio-visual modules to be used in any chapter.

*Enables them to customiselesson plans according to their requirements.


Resource Library

* Lets teachers import educational content form YouTubeandkhan Academy.

* Makes it possible for them to viwe content history.

* Providies integration with Teach Next,our digital classroom solution.


Question Management System

* collabortive and process-drivenquestions management tool that comes with a pre-loaded question library.

* Enables teachers to create assessmentsaccording to their requirements.

* Consists of 540,000 pre-loaded questionstagged according to Bloom's Taxonomy and coverning CBSE,ICSE,Army Board,IGCSE and 29 State Boards


Question & Answer Forum

*Gives access to Next Gurukulforum directly form LMS.

*Creates aprivate discussion forumfor students and teachers.

*Lets teachers morerate discussion on the forum.



*Enables teachers to design any type of examination structure,including the number of terms and assessments for each class.

*Reduces the man-hoursspent on creating assessmentsand grading.

* Makes use of default templatesto create personalised report cardsfor every students.

*Sendsregular notifications topresent of their wards' academic performance via text messages and emails.


Assessment Generator

*Enables teachers to createstatic assessmentat different levels,from the concept level to the board level.

*Lets them choose from a range of templatesto create assessments both online and offline.

* Lets them use the auto-correction facility enabled by Optical Character Recognitionsfor offline tests.